Aerial  Photography and Video





Aerial Still images

We offer an Aerial Photography service from traditional planes and helicopters but recently we have operated a professional drone service.  We have been flying drones since 2013 and operate a selection of units from the very large octocopter supplying broadcast-quality  (4k ) video and /or high resolution stills capable of billboard production.

Drones are a great tool to create stunning images but it’s only a tool and hopefully operated by a creative visual experienced person, I feel the first priority with any commission is a good Image maker someone with still and video experience and secondly an insured licenced pilot. 

We fly small and large drones, larger drones are safer as they have 6 or 8 motors as opposed to 4 in the smaller drone, they have professional cameras suitable for broadcast video production plus offering large STILL  high-resolution files suitable for billboard production.

These billboards of our work can be seen near the Lee tunnel on route to Cork city.