Inspire From Above -Aerial DRONE filming plus video walkthrough

</p> <p>We provide the very best in Irish professional aerial drone filming and photography services. We have a variety of top of the line aerial quadcopters and octocopters suitable for any situation and we can shoot in 4K Ultra High Definition. Be it a promotional video, cinematic film or real estate photography, we can capture it with finesse. We also create video walkthroughs which compliment drone footage.</p> <p>


Our Services

What we can do for you.

  • aerial golf- drone- virtual
  • drone golf course
  • wind generator scenic view
  • Promotional Videos

    Having some aerial shots in a promotional video brings it to an entirely different level of production value. We can film any premises, business or activity complete with breathtaking aerial shots!
  • Real Estate Photography

    An aerial shot adds the "WOW" factor and is the ideal way to show the full extent of a property, structural surveys of property roofs and chimneys, architectural surveys and archaeological top-down views.
  • Cinematic Aerial Film

    We know how to fly to achieve the cinematic shots you are looking for. We fly a 2 man operation, one person pilots the multi-rotor and the other person operates the camera. Our drones can take heavy payloads such as a Canon 5d mark iii to create breathtaking smooth shots for your production.

Our Team

A quick overview of our team.

John Daly Camera & Video - Producer
Tadhg Crowley Drone pilot & Coordinator


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